Connecting With Your Guests on Social Media

For many people, especially now, social media is a way to find information, learn about current events, or just to keep from being bored. You most likely have fewer guests at your physical location, but you can still connect with your followers on social media. Rather than letting your social media pages go quiet during a time of less travel and more fear, now is a great time to provide interesting, relevant and helpful content.

A schedule of authentic and informational organic social media posts are a low-cost strategy that has the potential to yield high rewards. The restlessness that pulls people to their devices can give you a great opportunity to keep your brand at the top of your guests’ minds, to connect with them, and hopefully have them book a stay with you when they travel next. While there may not be a lot of travel happening right now, we all hang on to the hope it will increase in the months ahead. And when that happens, you should be at the top of their minds.

So what do you share? How do you stay relevant and interesting? Here are some suggestions: 

Topics that address COVID-19:

Yep, we are all tired of living in a pandemic, but if people are considering traveling right now, they want to know your safety protocol.

  • What proactive safety measures is your hotel making to ensure guest satisfaction and their health and safety? Be transparent. Information on cleaning standards and practices on property will put your guests at ease.
  • Are there updates to your cancellation policies and procedures? 
  • Is your hotel open and running? And at what capacity? People like to plan ahead and they’ll want to know how this could impact their booking.
  • Is your restaurant open? If not, be ready to provide alternatives of popular restaurants that are close to your hotel.
  • Become a local expert in the things you do and activities that can be enjoyed in your area.

Stories and features:

What makes your hotel different? What makes travelers dream about a getaway at your location?

  • Show off your unique amenities and the top-notch guest services. 
  • Share what your guests have to say with positive testimonials and great photos of their stay at your hotel. Share photos of people with masks if they’re in larger groups. If they’re with family/close social circle, without masks is fine.
  • Share what you are doing within the community and local efforts your hotel is participating in. 
  • Create a virtual tour of your space.
  • Show the humanistic qualities of your hotel through staff interviews and guest experiences. 
  • Address FAQs and concerns so your guests know they can trust you to respond and to be honest.

Above all, keep your voice friendly, authentic, and human (People aren’t clamoring to stay at a hotel run by robots). Your guests want to get to know you, and that will create trust between you and the guest. This means that when they’re ready to travel, they’ll know that you have their safety in mind. Keep them engaged, informed, and connected so that when they’re ready for a new adventure, they’ll be headed your way.

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