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A brief history of us.

Maple Tree Marketing is an exciting and forward-thinking collaboration between established hospitality professionals and seasoned digital marketing individuals. Our expertise has been fostered by years of working with large brands, franchise management companies, and OTAs.

We've sat in strategy meetings, managed your marketing budgets, and improved your SEO behind the scenes. We've sold to you and trained your teams on the marketing programs that your brands offer in-house. Now, we can work together to provide exceptional marketing services, tailored to complement your own strategy, bringing your organization into sync with the latest trends and opportunities in a rapidly changing landscape.

Welcome to Maple Tree.

Our clients.

"I have had the great privilege of partnering with Roger Littlepage for the better part of a decade. I view him as more than a service-provider, he's truly an extension of my team. I can think of no one that embodies a more well-rounded digital expert. From video production and SEO to social media and online advertising, I can confidently say that Roger's cutting edge work has moved our marketing program from run-of-the-mill to industry-leading innovators. I know that I can count on Roger and his team to help me continually implement new & creative digital marketing strategies that both drive awareness and lead to an increase in business for our hotels, outlets and destinations."

Director, Marketing & Brand Activation, Franchise Management Company


Roger Littlepage


Roger has been in the industry for over a decade. He started working for Booking.com in Customer Care, working a second shift hourly job. Roger rapidly progressed and opened up and led offices both in Orlando and Miami concentrating on account management for all brands and independent hotels. He most recently worked for Marriott for nearly 8 years in the digital marketing space. Roger went from an eCommerce Manager to Director of North America, leading the marketing portfolio team working directly with the large franchise and ownership group's portfolios. His experience is the perfect blend of eChannels, eCommerce, Marketing, and franchise knowledge.

Roger decided to start Maple Tree Marketing based on the direct feedback he has received from hotels, owners, and franchise management companies in order to meet their needs more effectively and efficiently. Roger, his wife, and four-year-old twins currently reside in West Michigan.


Karen Benitez

OTA Support Manager

Karen has over 30 years of Travel Industry Experience. Her passion for travel led her to a 15-year career with Continental Airlines, where she advanced her skills in several management positions in tourism sales, digital marketing, and e-commerce. Later Karen became a Regional Market Manager for Expedia before taking a job at Marriott. During her 12 years with Marriott, Karen focused strictly on OTA marketing, placement, and distributions. While there, she won numerous awards, including eCommerce Strategy Leader of the Year. Karen has a unique perspective coming from both sides of electronic travel distribution, which enables her to pass on success to our clients.


Timothy Haines

Lead Strategist

Tim is fueled by his hunger for knowledge and passion for education. The evolving digital landscape keeps Tim fascinated and eager to be ahead of the curve. And he's worked to do that over the last 10 years. As the Maple Tree team can attest, Tim's positive energy is infectious.


Baylee Heeringa

Project Manager & Strategist

Baylee helps to keep client projects running smoothly and effectively. From content and paid media to communication and reporting, Baylee is always looking to improve our clients' experiences and leads the way in strengthening our clients' strategic campaigns.


Jake Bradford

Creative Lead

Jake is a designer who's driven by attention to detail and crafting great user experiences. He has an extensive background in branding, typography, and digital design that provides an ideal skill set to lead creative for our clients.


Alex Tillard

Operations Manager

Alex combines her left-brained creativity with her right-brained organization to lead the creative team through well-formed strategic processes to maximize efficiency. Alex enjoys leading and supporting the production team, drawing from her 15 years of experience in the marketing world.

The maple tree.

The maple tree is a symbol of patience, hope, growth, and strength. Our founder, Roger Littlepage, was four years old when he planted a maple seedling:

My grandma showed me a small seedling that most people would think was just a weed. I really wanted my own climbing tree, so I asked if I could plant it in
My grandma showed me a small seedling that most people would think was just a weed. I really wanted my own climbing tree, so I asked if I could plant it in

my front yard. Every night, I prayed that the tree would grow. My parents wrestled with wanting me not to get my hopes up because the seedling was probably dead and wouldn't turn into a big, strong tree. But they didn't want to crush their boy's spirit.

I was just a small child, but I had faith and knew the seedling would grow. And it did. Soon it was the biggest tree in the neighborhood. Eventually, it outgrew our small yard. That once small seedling had roots so deep and healthy, it was almost impossible to remove.

That maple tree has always been a reminder to me through hardships and struggles, that anything is possible. This is what I wanted to name my company, because I hope Maple Tree can become an encouragement to everyone we come in contact with.

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