About Us

A Brief History

Maple Tree Marketing is an exciting and forward-thinking collaboration between established hospitality professionals and seasoned digital marketing individuals. Our expertise has been fostered by years of working with large brands, franchise management companies, and OTAs.

We’ve sat in strategy meetings, managed your marketing budgets, and improved your SEO behind the scenes. We’ve sold to you and trained your teams on the marketing programs that your brands offer in-house. Now, we can work together to provide exceptional marketing services, tailored to complement your own strategy, bringing your organization into sync with the latest trends and opportunities in a rapidly changing landscape.

Welcome to Maple Tree.

We Are Real, Attainable Humans.

  • Hospitality people, dedicated to the success of our clients

  • Strategic in our guidance and custom in our solutions​, insuring you see a return on your investment

  • An extension of your teams, to make your job easier​

  • Integrity is of utmost importance


   “Our experience, combined with your feedback, created this company.  We will never stop listening​.”

Meet The Team

Roger Littlepage

Roger Littlepage


Roger is a relationship-driven entrepreneur with a keen eye for business growth opportunities and a knack for strategic long-range planning. The depth and breadth of his experience has led to significant increases in revenue and customer acquisition for client companies across industries including hospitality, automotive, real estate, and multi-location retail. With a passion for creative marketing, Roger is skilled at utilizing multimedia such as digital ads, television commercials, and theatrical short-film to cultivate brand awareness and marketing success.
From his roots as a small business owner, Roger parlayed his enthusiasm for customer service into a high performing career with Booking.com. The well-know multi-national travel company tapped him to expand their footprint in the U.S. leading to Roger’s oversight of offices in Miami and Orlando, Florida. It was here that Roger grew his abilities in people-management and servant leadership, ultimately transitioning into a role with Marriott International.
During his tenure at Marriott International, Roger helped establish best practices for digital demand generation as a founding member of the eChannels – eCommerce team. Through his work in this space, he later headed-up the Franchise Portfolio Marketing team, managing marketing activation for multi-location, key accounts. The relationships and experiences gained in this role would ultimately form the foundation upon which Maple Tree Marketing would be built.
As a leader and a professional, Roger can be counted upon to deliver forthright & transparent communication in an effort to grow your business through robust strategic marketing activation and flawless tactical execution.
Favorite Food: Fresh Seafood
Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere off the beaten path
Favorite Quote: “Success is not measured by what a man accomplishes, but by the opposition he has encountered and the courage with which he has maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” – Charles Lindbergh

Tabitha Lohr

Tabitha Lohr

Director, IT & Communications

Tabitha has spent over ten years in the digital marketing industry. Starting with building HTML based websites in the early 2000’s, she has since built hundreds of WordPress websites for a variety of clientele. Certified with Google to manage their more popular tools, such as Analytics, Tabitha takes pride in working as a Consultant to assist all sizes of companies to perfect their strategies. She specializes in Google SEO, budget planning, AdWords, and overall digital marketing management.

Nicole Rhoad

Nicole Rhoad

Director, Operations

Nicole Rhoad joined only Maple Tree Marketing recently, but the relationship goes back to 1995. Certified in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, Nicole brings a natural born skill of investigation and research to the team. She is truly passionate in helping clients of Maple Tree uncover every technique available to increase their search engine visibility. 

Kristina Ettlin

Kristina Ettlin

Director, Project Management

Kristina Ettlin has spent over 12 years in project management and marketing, specializing in the social media landscape. She has successfully developed social media programs for large corporations, while managing the analytics and influencer programs. She has also been an Instagram influencer herself, and expanded her reach and expertise from first-hand experience, reaching over 25,000 dedicated followers. Her attention to detail, and eye for aesthetics will bring in a whole new level of social content for your properties.

David Tofilon

David Tofilon

Director, Creative

Literary renegade. Wordsmith. Dad. Connoisseur of stories. David believes that clarity is a human right and works with brands to grow their business with well placed words. David is certified through the Storybrand and has served an array of clients from Global Private Aviation Corporations, Billionaire Caribbean real estate ventures, and Successful Startups. When he’s not writing or strategizing, he’s reading, savoring, wrestling with his 3 boys and exploring nature with his wife.

Karen Benitez

Karen Benitez

OTA Support Manager

Karen has over 30 years of Travel Industry Experience. Her passion for travel led her to a 15-year career with Continental Airlines, where she advanced her skills in several management positions in tourism sales, digital marketing, and e-commerce. Later Karen became a Regional Market Manager for Expedia before taking a job at Marriott. During her 12 years with Marriott, Karen focused strictly on OTA marketing, placement, and distributions. While there, she won numerous awards, including eCommerce Strategy Leader of the Year. Karen has a unique perspective coming from both sides of electronic travel distribution, which enables her to pass on success to our clients.

You’ll have a dedicated expert and project manager to provide you with continual communication, strategy, and support.  Customized strategy, honest relationships, and creative marketing centered around you. We call that a win-win.

You are important to us, and we will listen.